Stop, collaborate and listen: Five slides (ok, six) that sum up my LavaCon 2014 0

“Sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes, the bear, well, he eats you.” A mysterious stranger once spoke these words before moseying off with his sasparilla into the sunset. I don’t think he was a content strategist, but it sure sounded like he’d seen some rough projects in his day. In any case I’m sure [...]

Treat content like an investment

Matthew McConaughey

TechWhirl Interview: Community and Content Value 0

The nice folks at TechWhirl interviewed me about how TechTarget is building business value from community content in advance of my presentation at Lavacon 2014. If you can’t make the conference, or if you want a sneak peek of what I’ll be talking about, check out the Q&A. I promise, attending my session will still [...]

Listen up, Lucy: Music options for discerning parents 0

It didn’t take long for my wife and I to learn the first – and maybe most important – rule of parenting: We’re not in control. One week in, we’ve already gone through several swaddles and receptacles, and stayed up all night in awkward positions in an effort to appease our new master, little Lucy. [...]


TGH class

Como se dice “Message Received” en espanol? 0

I’m not a teacher. I find myself saying that a lot these days, as education professionals make up a good portion of my social circle thanks to my wife’s work. When asked what I do, at happy hours and other events, my incoherent explanation  is often preceded by the disclaimer that it doesn’t have anything [...]

Google’s driverless car, or, the death of driving music 0

If you hadn’t been paying attention to the driverless car movement before, you certainly are now. Google’s latest prototype was unveiled at the end of May, and boy, is it…I don’t know what is, really. But one thing is for sure: It doesn’t change my mind on the pros and cons of the forward (and [...]

Google's driverless car prototype