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My favorite album title of this decade, maybe this century, is Parquet Courts’ Content Nausea. It’s a perfect summation of our modern reality, where we have way too much media coming at us way too fast from all directions, and not all of it is nourishing. But we keep consuming anyway, leading to inevitable discomfort, [...]

Content Nausea album title

Vote for (and join) me at LavaCon 2015 0

For the past couple of years, I’ve attended and spoken at the LavaCon conference on content strategy and techcomm management. It’s a great event full of smart, interesting people from all corners of the web world. You can read my recaps of past events in 2014 and 2013, and find my past presentations on Slideshare. This year, [...]

15 books I read in 2014, ranked 0

The deluge of ‘Top 10’ lists that arrive around the middle of December each year function for me – as I expect for most people – mostly as to-do lists for the year ahead. Over the next 12 months, I have plans to catch up on a lot of the books, music and movies I [...]

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Treat content like an investment

Stop, collaborate and listen: Five slides (ok, six) that sum up my LavaCon 2014 0

“Sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes, the bear, well, he eats you.” A mysterious stranger once spoke these words before moseying off with his sasparilla into the sunset. I don’t think he was a content strategist, but it sure sounded like he’d seen some rough projects in his day. In any case I’m sure [...]

TechWhirl Interview: Community and Content Value 0

The nice folks at TechWhirl interviewed me about how TechTarget is building business value from community content in advance of my presentation at Lavacon 2014. If you can’t make the conference, or if you want a sneak peek of what I’ll be talking about, check out the Q&A. I promise, attending my session will still [...]

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